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Five Candidates Head to Head At The Vice-Presidential Debates Of The 2019 General Elections.

The debate is put together by Nigeria Elections Debate Group (NEDG) and the Broadcasting Organisations of Nigeria (BON). The executive secretary of the Nigeria Election Debates Group, Eddi Emesiri, listed Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN); Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN); All Progressives Congress (APC); Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Young Progressives Party (YPP) as political parties that would participate in the debate. He did not disclose the criteria used in picking the candidates to take part in the debate.
 Happening now: Osinbajo, Peter Obi, others go head to head in vice presidential debate ahead of 2019
The vice presidential debate is being anchored by Imoni Amarere, a broadcaster with African Independent Television (AIT). Analysts expect the debates to be tilted towards critical issues such as Nigerian economy, health and education policy, national security and foreign affairs. Supporters of presidential candidate, Omoyele Sowore, are protesting outside the venue against the non-inclusion of his running mate in the debates. Refresh this page for new updates.
Ganiyu Galadima, the Vice-Presidential candidate of ACPN, has accused the Muhammadu Buhari administration of failing to achieve significant change in the country. According to him, not only has the government been unable to keep its promises, it is also guilty of engaging in a practice it once criticized. ACPN’s vice presidential candidate, also said the “wrong policies” of the government are to blame for the lack of significant change and the rate of unemployment in the country. He, therefore, called on Nigerians to look carefully at the manifestos of candidates ahead of the 2029 elections before they cast their votes.
“There is no other party in Nigeria that has given priority to women. Professor Kingsley Moghalu’s Presidency is about giving 50-50 opportunity to women to participate in his government at all levels.” – Umma Getso.
“To be candid, subsidy to a typical Nigerian is just a scam. That’s how I will call it, the way President Buhari once said in the Newspaper.” – Umma Getso.
“We are employing 500,000 graduates and the graduates are in every single local government.” – Yemi Osinbajo.
“The more you invest in education, the better your economy. I have known this even as a governor of a state where I took the state from #28 to #1 in education.” – Peter Obi
The vice presidential candidate ofANN), Khadijah Abdullahi-Iya has said that the office of the Vice President is not one to be taken for granted. Khadijah stated while reacting to a question at the vice presidential debate Regarding the economic direction for the ANN, Khadijah said the party longs to ensure that Nigeria operates no more as a mono-economy. She said: “What we are trying to do in our party is to ensure that the economy is diversified, the economy is vibrant enough, to stop the much dependency on a mono-economy that we are used to”.
YPP Vice Presidential Candidate, Umma Getso, says she has a passion for the girl child education and has spent the early years of her adulthood in the development of a common Nigeria. Getso adds that her party believes so much in a new Nigeria, where every Nigerian will have equal rights and a story to tell in the near future
YPP Vice Presidential Candidate, Umma Getso Source: UGC “I think the common denominator between the two countries you mentioned is the strong infrastructure. Our nation in the past 16 years has suffered a major infrastructure deficit. So, we don’t have rails, roads.” – Osinbajo. Galadima in his opening statement, said Nigeria cannot continue to be the same. There is a need for Nigerians to look at the candidates and their manifesto. He blames rising unemployment on poor policies of the Buhari administration. Mr Galadima slams the Buhari admin again for failing to properly address fuel crisis, saying the government spends over N2 billion on a subsidy it once described as nonexistence and fraud.
The National Anthem is now read and debate starts momentarily. Khadija Abdullahi of the ANN is called as the third person. Peter Obi of the PDP is called and then the candidate of YPP, Umar Getso. Ganiyu Galadima of ACPN is the first to be called on stage. The candidate of the APC Yemi Osinbajo is called next. The vice presidential candidates are called in alphabetical order.

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