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Donald Trump cannot recognise his own gift to Queen Elizabeth.

US President Donald Trump saved himself from an embarrassing moment during his meeting with Britain’s Queen Elizabeth at the Buckingham Palace in London on June 3. Courtesy, his wife Melania Trump. While taking a tour of the royal artwork, Trump was shown a pewter horse that he had presented to the Queen in 2018 during his visit to Windsor. The President, however, failed to recognise it.

Soon after, Melania interjected and told her husband that they had gifted the pewter horse to the Queen. Reporters covering the trip told an international website that Trump and Melania spotted the horse while exploring artefacts from the Royal Collection in the Picture Gallery at Buckingham Palace. That Trump couldn’t recognise the horse, placed on a red table, was told to the website by Tim Knox, the Royal Collection’s director.

“We just asked him whether he recognized it and he said no but the first lady did recognize it, which is rather nice. One horse is very much like another. (Mrs. Trump) recognized it. She said, ‘Oh yeah, yeah, this is one of ours’,” Knox was quoted as saying by reporters as per the website.

Donald and Melania Trump had presented the pewter horse to the Queen during his working visit last year.

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